Does your company offer air freight services and can you handle my cargo end to end?

Freshport Asia is a logistics solutions company offering cargo handling services at Thailand’s international airport with a focus on inbound & outbound perishables. Although we are not a freight agent, we’re well positioned in the air freight industry to connect you with the right people.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our airport services are charged on a fix per kilo rate through our partner company Bangkok Flight Services so there are no hidden costs. Please contact us for our rates.

What kind of products do you handle?

Many of our export customers use our BES service for their low temperature, highly perishable products such as asparagus, okra, baby corn, coconuts etc, but we also handle a large amount of Thai seasonal fruit which are highly sought after around the world.

For our Import service (BIC), we handle almost exclusively pharmaceuticals which need to be closely supervised and fast tracked to cold storage to avoid temperature fluctuations.

Where does your company operate?

We operate the Coolcare range of services out of the BFS cargo terminal inside the freezone at Bangkok international airport, so we have access to all areas right up to the aircraft.

How can you help my business become more efficient and reduce costs?

One way we can help is by reducing your company’s reliance on expensive bulky packaging such as polystyrene and gel packs without compromising thermal integrity, which is a saving in both purchase costs and freight charges. Many airlines would be willing to reduce their rates if they knew they were getting maximum volume efficiency from the shipper.

Freshport Asia also understand that customers sometimes need advice from industry experts on how there supply chains can be more efficient so we offer this expert advice as part of a value add service.

Do you have operations in other countries?

At present we are only operating these services in Thailand but we have many friends in the industry who we can recommend for reliable ongoing handling.

What products are you able to handle and do you have the facilities to store them correctly?

We operate out of a 16’000 sqf coolroom facility with 6 individual rooms ranging from 25c to -18c to accommodate all manner of perishables.

We also have facilities for storing and securing high value cargo whether it be precious commodities or live cargo so customers have peace of mind someone is paying close attention.

In special cases are you able to offer additional flexible services?

Many of our customers have special requests to suit their shipping needs, for instance some customers might want additional photos at curtain key points in the handling for their reference. Other times, we might be asked to supply thermal protection or additional coolants for added protection if the customer feels there could be problems further along the chain.